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Letter of Appreciation

Dear Mr. Reeves,

The . . . Member of Parliament was found dead in his brother’s home in 1999. It was originally “determined” to be a suicide by The Metropolitan Police. This case went national, all the way up to Prime Minister Taksin, who had ordered the case re-opened by The Crime Suppression Division.

We sought further independent expert opinions due to the sensitive nature of the case and the history of  four (4) previously unsolved homicides among this families members.
We determined that you are a known and verified expert in Blood Pattern Analysis and sought your examination of this crime scene. Your professional and detailed examination of the blood  patterns contributed significantly to a finding of homicide vs. suicide.
Your sharp and detailed report is of immense value to the Royal Thai Police.  The Royal Thai Police are committed to improving their training, expertise and equipment. Your professional report will assist in moving towards these improvements. The Discovery Channel will be featuring this now classic Forensics case sometime next year.

Norm, we thank  you and wish you to know that the full courtesy and
co-operation of our Country and Police will be made available to you
should you need our assistance . .
Sincerely & professionally,

Crime Suppression Division
Central Investigation Bureau
Royal Thai Police
Bangkok, Thailand

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