Impact of BPA

In ruling on motion for new trial under Rule 24.1 (c)(1), the Court may weigh the evidence. In weighing the opinions of the three blood experts, the Court finds that the testimony of Mr. Reeves, a seasoned and experienced blood spatter expert was highly credible in regard to interpreting the blood spatter found on …… hands.

Mr. Reeves is a respected blood spatter expert, with experience dating back to 1974.

…….. The Court grants the Defendant's request for a new trial pursuant to Ariz.R.Crim.P. 24(c)(1) based upon the Court's finding that the verdict is contrary to the weight of the evidence. The verdict is thus set aside and a new trial is hereby granted. The Defendant is no longer non-bondable. …….

Superior Court of Arizona,
Maricopa County (2014)

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