Impact of BPA

In ruling on motion for new trial under Rule 24.1 (c)(1), the Court may weigh the evidence. In weighing the opinions of the three blood experts, the Court finds that the testimony of Mr. Reeves, a seasoned and experienced blood spatter expert was highly credible in regard to interpreting the blood spatter found on …… hands.

Mr. Reeves is a respected blood spatter expert, with experience dating back to 1974.

…….. The Court grants the Defendant's request for a new trial pursuant to Ariz.R.Crim.P. 24(c)(1) based upon the Court's finding that the verdict is contrary to the weight of the evidence. The verdict is thus set aside and a new trial is hereby granted. The Defendant is no longer non-bondable. …….

Superior Court of Arizona,
Maricopa County (2014)

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Computer Imaging and Enhancement


What may computer imaging do for your case?

Photographs that are poorly exposed may be enhanced to more clearly see the image.

Physical evidence may be compared with existing photographs.

Evidence that is not readily visible in photographs may be discovered.

Wounds and bruises that may not be readily visible may be enhanced for further examination by a forensic pathologist.

Presentations to the jury make information more visible and clarify complex crime scenes.

Is Computer Imaging reliable and acceptable in Court?

Many courts have accepted computer enhanced photographs for years that were produced by Norman Reeves.

How do we utilize computer imaging and enhancement?

The better the photographs and the evidence the better the results. Contact Norman Reeves and forward the photographs and/or the evidence for examination and it will be returned in a timely fashion via Federal Express (usually a couple of days, NOT WEEKS).

As with any expert, the more information provided for the analysis, the more informed your witness is.

How can we learn more about computer imaging and retain an analyst?

Review this material, and if additional information is requested, a short familiarization presentation is available for you and your staff about the methods and practical application of computer imaging.

See examples of computer imaging.
Often difficult to photograph situations can be enhanced.

Luminol photographs

Case photographic enhancements

Bloody auto window